Still image from Signal From Tolva game.

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Big Robot hired me to design the rifles and machine guns in their game Signal From Tolva. This was done to a tight deadline using Unity as a sound engine. We wanted a mechanical, punchy feeling to the guns, avoiding the zappy laser sounds found in classic sci-fi.

"...The subtly of the sound design also helps in this regard, as there are some great moments of surprising audio that really set the mood." - IGN

"When it’s time to engage, it’s the sound design that stands out most: laser bolts whoosh and energy beams snap and fizz as they scythe through a bandit’s outer shell, before your target explodes with a thunderous boom." - PC Gamer

"The game's audio is as delicately worked as its visual aesthetic, from the Alien-esque tweet and clatter of scanner read-outs, through the deep bass notes you'll hear inside certain fallen mechanisms." - Eurogamer